Soil Types

Mexico Map - Distribution of Major Soil Types

Type Characteristics

1. Rhegosol - Underdeveloped soils consisting of loose rock-like material.
2. Lithosol - Very thin soils of less than 10 cm, found on hard,
continuous strata such as rock, hardpan or saltpeter.
3. Xerosol Arid - Soils containing low organic matter; the top layer is of a light color, and underlying layers may contain clayish and/or salt minerals such as carbonates and sulphates.
4. Yermosol - Similar to xerosol, but organic matter content very low.
5. Cambisol Light - Colored, poorly developed soil; changes in
consistency occurs on exposure to climatic conditions.
6. Vertisol - Very clayey soils forming deep, broad cracks when dry; sticky when wet, poor drainage.
7. Feozem Dark - Colored soil, soft consistency, rich in organic matter and nutrients.
8. Rendzine - Soil of little depth (10-15 cm), lying directly on top of
carbonated material (lime rock, for example).
Others: Luvisol, Acrisol, Andosol, Solonchak, Gleysol,
Castantildeozem, Planosol
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